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Fish is highly nutritious and packed full of vitamins. That's why Sebastien's West End Seafood in Opelousas, LA focuses on providing first-rate fish.

You can find almost any kind of fish you can think of at our market. Get in touch with us now to find out what we have available.

Here's what we have to offer

From tilapia to catfish to lobster, there's no limit to the seafood options we have available.

You can count on us for:

  • Freshwater fish: Garfish, catfish, gaspergou.
  • Saltwater fish: Salmon, cod, tuna.
  • Shellfish: Shrimp, clams, crabs.
  • Specialty seafood: Octopus, squid, turtles.

Our fish store has it all. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Learn why Opelousas area residents trust us for their fish needs

There's a reason we've been in business for over 23 years. As the only seafood market in the area, we strive to provide our customers with any kind of fish they're looking for. If we don't have something you want today, we can special order it for you and have it delivered in a timely manner.

Questions? Call us at 337-407-0780 to find out more.

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